Thoughts on travelling, hitchhiking, backpacking and various related aspects.
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Thoughts on Travelling

Thoughts on travelling, hitchhiking, backpacking and various related aspects.

Is Hitchhiking Illegal?
Is hitchhiking illegal or legal? The brief answer to this question is: it depends on location and is best to check the laws on hitchhiking of each country and state before planning your route. Here I will answer to the question "is hitchhiking illegal" only in relation to road vehicles, as this is the most common form of hitchhiking, but as You may know, is possible to get rides in any vehicle (cars, trucks, trains, motorbikes and even airplanes).

The Karma Cafe: No Menu, You Get What You Deserve
Karma - we get what we deserve, whether we want it or not. This is an article that explains what karma is and what is its powerful effect on our lives.

Manipulation: Weapon of the Unaggressive Thieves
This is how manipulation was used by an unaggressive thief on me - a true travel story based on a personal experience.

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