"Face your fears and do it!" is a life lesson I learned. This is a true story about a personal hitchhiking experience related to it.
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Face Your Fears and Do It

"Face your fears and do it!" is a life lesson I learned. This is a true story about a personal hitchhiking experience related to it.

Some of our fears are caused by the society we live in, society that has its own rules and in which people are expected to behave in a way that mirrors its rules, and sometimes when we intend to do something that doesn't really reflect such rules, that is when we start to be afraid of what might happen if we actually do what we want to do.

My career as hitchhiker started in 2004 but only in 2009 I decided to sleep outdoors pretty much anywhere. In 2009, I wanted to go to France and I decided to try something new, just to see what was it like - I wanted to sleep outdoors on the street all the time.

It was something totally new for me and all the people I talked to, on travel forums and similar included, told me that I would die, that someone would stab me while I am asleep, that someone would steal my stuff and all this kind of negative things. Obviously, I was really scared.

In 2004 I started to hitchhike with my girlfriend that I had at that time - it was her idea. One day, in 2004, this woman told me "Adriano, to become stronger You must face your fears, not to avoid them". In 2009 when I felt so scared about this trip, this piece of advice returned in my mind and I knew that this was the right moment to apply it. I told to myself: "You cannot know what will be like, but if this is how You pictured this trip in your mind then You have to face your fears and do it, because otherwise You will not be satisfied". So I did.

The first day of my trip around France was 12th of May 2009 and for that night I was in a small village called Donnas, located in north-western Italy very close to the border with France. At that time I did not have much experience about sleeping outdoors so I just looked for a place covered from rain, I put my mattress on the ground and my sleeping bag over it and I used my backpack as pillow. I was so tired that my mind did not have the time to think about all the possible negative things that could have happened to me, and I fell asleep almost instantly.

Face your fears and do it
Next morning, when I woke up everything was alright, just as it was when I fell asleep. The second night, I still had a bit of fear, but not as much as the first night. From the third night I felt really confident and my fear disappeared completely.

In 2009 I slept outdoors in France for 29 days - all this time I never had any problem at all. All that people told me before the trip didn't mirror the reality at all. Actually, about four times in 29 days it happened to me that people even invited me to their homes to rest better, have a warm meal and a warm shower.

What I want to say with this is that is in our human nature to be afraid of what is unknown to us, especially when is something uncommon in the society we live in, but most of the times this fear has nothing to do with what actually the reality is because it doesn't reflect the reality and is based only on our imagination. In reality things work out in most of the situations and realistic goals can be achieved, but to achieve them, first we must find the courage to face our fears and do what it takes.

Whether You want to cross the ocean on a tiny wooden raft, climb the highest mountain or conquer the heart of the most beautiful person You ever met and to who You never had the courage to speak, You cannot know the outcome unless You give it a try, so face your fears and do it.

Do what You dream about doing; face your fears, don't give up, and You will succeed for sure!

Written by Claudio Adriano Dobre, 2014

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