My long term goal is to inspire other travelers and people to travel more and Hitchhiking taken to the level of Artfor longer periods of time. The content of this website is the book that I will publish when I will be old enough to not be able to explore the world anymore, after having lived enough travel experiences and learned enough life lessons. I made this website as the place where to collect my travel experiences and life lessons and where to publish these to inspire other people in the meantime until the moment when my book will be released. So on this website, as it represents the content of my future book, I intend to publish only those travel related experiences, thoughts and tips that reveal something to learn or that other people who met me found inspiring somehow – You will never find on this website the kind of story “today I went there and I saw that” as to me such stories are simply boring and useless.

Already at a very young age I was pretty much a rebel. I never liked to be like the people around me and I think a strong identity always characterized me. I never liked the paths that society invited me to take and so I never did, I always did everything following my own thoughts, ideas and heart – I don’t know if I did right or wrong, but I know that there are people who may disagree with me completely and at all levels. I listen to my instinct and to my heart, as I know they will always drive me on the right path.

I always felt a strong connection with Nature – when I am outdoors in the mountains, surrounded by nature, I feel like my energy is being regenerated. My heart is wild, my spirit is free. I am fueled by passion for open spaces, by love for the long adventure trips, by gratification in the discovery and exploration of what is new, unknown. My greatest passion is the exploration of the world – I hitchhike and I enjoy sleeping outdoor. For me, hitchhiking is an art, not just a way of getting from point A to point B, hitchhiking is a skill that takes lots of practice to perfect – an art that the more You do it the better You get at it; I hitchhike since 2004 and by now I am an elite hitchhiker, still there are moments when I see a way to do something in a better way than before, and this is one of the things that I really adore about exploring the world: that I keep learning all the time.

What brings me happiness is the journey, not the destination. Simply because through the process of facing and overcoming the difficulties that may arise along my journey I am able to enrich my essence.

I find it amazing how we meet thousands of people, and none of them really touch us. And then we meet one person, and our life is changed forever.

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