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Website of the Hitchhiker & Adventurer from Europe Adriano

My name is Claudio Adriano Dobre. Hitchhikers from Europe know me simply as "Adriano". I am not a traveler. I am a hitchhiker. Started to hitchhike in 2004 and every year I hitchhike around ten thousand kilometers. Welcome to my website dedicated to the Art of Hitchhiking. Learn how to hitchhike with my tips and insights based on my personal hitchhiking experience accumulated during the years practicing this sport.

Here is the sitemap of this hitchhiking website so that You can easily access the main content:

  Hitchhiking Tips & Rules

      > The Importance of Smiling in Communication

      > How Appearance Affects First Impressions

      > Things to Carry While Hitchhiking & Backpacking

      > How to Hitchhike (hitchhiking tips, rules & techniques)

      > Where to Sleep When Hitchhiking & Backpacking

  Inspiring Travel Experiences

      > Faith, Courage & Enthusiasm

      > Face Your Fears and Do It

      > Let Good Things Happen to You

      > How does having a Positive Attitude help

  Thoughts on Travelling

      > Is Hitchhiking Illegal?

      > The Karma Cafe: No Menu, You Get What You Deserve

      > Manipulation: Weapon of the Unaggressive Thieves

  Inspirational Quotes about Achieving your Goals

  Educational Travel Photos

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Hitchhiker and adventurer from Europe Adriano: welcome to my website dedicated to the art of hitchhiking
"Meeting with Adriano is like charging yourself with a positive attitude that leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. With that I am saying that people like Adriano will never be lost. He will always find a way how to enjoy the time that he has for himself and others and get the most out of it, even if he is alone in the middle of nowhere."
Liva Juskevica

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