Adventurous, curious and with a great passion for the exploration of the Hitchhiking taken to the level of Artworld. I hitchhike and I enjoy sleeping outdoor – sleeping under the stars somewhere into the wild, making a fire and cooking food on it are some of the things I enjoy.

What brings me happiness is the journey, not the destination. I am not interested that much in touristic spots, I like a lot more beautiful landscapes and I travel just for the pleasure of being on the road enjoying the road itself.

Free spirit, spontaneous and direct in speaking – I say what I think and I do what I say. And I like people who are like this. Dogs are not double-faced, You should also not be double-faced.
There is no way I enjoy people who make excuses, because I truly believe that as long as there is Will there is A Way.

I believe that dreaming about something and believing in myself is the first step to achieve what I dream about. I am a dreamer. Life taught me that to become a stronger person, I have to face my fears. I know that the glory belongs to those who pursue their vision. I listen to my instinct and to my heart, as I know they will always drive me on the right path. I believe in karma as well.

I enjoy people who are spontaneous yet able to make plans for the future, adventurous, curious and little crazy. A little hippie too. Then, I enjoy people who smile and laugh often having a positive attitude towards life, simple, culture-oriented, open-hearted, who don’t dismiss places and other people without giving them a chance first and who do not judge other people. I highly like people who are honest, fair, trustworthy, loyal, authentic, who have the courage to say what they truly think, no matter how painful this can be; from this it’s easy to understand that the people I less like are the very opposite of these. I like people who understand when it’s time not to take life too seriously and know how to enjoy each moment of it, and know when it’s time to take it more seriously yet not so seriously.

Is amazing how we meet thousands of people, and none of them really touch us. And then we meet one person, and our life is changed forever.

Speaks of me